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ӣƵreal estate: See this four-bedroom home with 7.2 acres of land

The $2.3M property in Brackendale has Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) zoning.

Finding a house in ӣƵthat comes with considerable property is becoming increasingly rare.

Thus, the 7.2-acre property at  is rather unique.

"There are only a few areas just outside of ӣƵthat offer acreages,"  said the listing agent for the property, .

"While there are a couple of hidden gems in town, they are rarely listed. For larger plots of land, one typically needs to venture out to Paradise Valley, ӣƵValley, or Britannia." 

The property, which is listed for $2,299,000, has Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) zoning, so if having a horse is your thing, that is possible on this property.

"Other potential land use ideas within ALR zoning include operating a dog kennel, engaging in farming activities, establishing community gardens, setting up educational spaces, or hosting events," Franze said.

 ALR zoning regulations are quite stringent; they aim to preserve designated areas as farmland and prevent their conversion into commercial or residential developments, she added. 

The four-bed, four-bath, 2,716 square-foot, two-storey home was built for the original owners in 1999, by ӣƵMills and Gary Ingram, who is still building today, Franze said. 

The current owners bought the property and home in 2020, renovating it to add their own personal touches.

Franze said the absence of high voltage lines, access to quality drinking water, and the home's elevated position well above the floodplain also make the property attractive.

"The present owners were captivated by the property's majestic trees located at the rear. One tree had been spared in the last logging of the area, emerging as a colossal presence," she said. 

The property also includes a workshop, storage area, and chicken coop. 

As for the artwork on the entrance gates, Franze said the owners thought it was a nice touch to the property. 

"The antlers above the gate were left by previous owners, so putting it on the gate felt like an appropriate homage," Franze said.

The fine print

In 2023, taxes were $2,127 for this freehold property. 

 assessed it at $1,938,000 as of July 1, 2023, up from $1,889,000 the previous year.

Find out more by visiting .

Squamish real estate is a regular feature in The ӣƵ and is not paid for or endorsed by anyone involved. It simply features a property that caught the editorial team's eye for being unique. 

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